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What I do


I have often felt uncomfortable getting involved in complete full  renovation projects because of my understanding of the safety codes. My understanding of the safety codes is that I can repair things with no problems and as long as I follow the CSA approved manufacturers instructions.

I can install just about anything the things I don't know about I quickly learn about thanks to the power of the web. The almighty dollar has been the reason that I got involved renovations in the first place and I have since decided to go with my ethics and choose to be an installation, repair or service handyman mainly.

Home Plumbing Or Electrical Repair, Kitchen Appliance Installation, Bathroom Updater or Fixture changes,  YES! Sure. Full Home Renovation Ah No!

I am an excellent finishing plumber and also getting pretty good at drywall repairs or painting. Swapping out your dishwasher with a new one sure, creating a space for a dishwasher, ah, No. Changing out your sink, faucet, shower, tub surround or bathtub, sure, Moving your bathtub or shower to a new location, No. I hope you can get the gist of things from there.

My General Rules of Thumb as to "What a handyman can do"

  •     Installations - As per CSA approved manufactured instructions with adequate rough in.


  •     Assembly - As per CSA, UL or ULC approved manufacturer instructions.


  •     Direct Replacement - Plumbing fixture, Electrical Fixture, Carpentry, Drywall.


  •     Urgent Repairs - Direct replacement of parts of just about anything as long as there are no structural changes such as moving a plumbing fixture, changing the size of a door or window rough in etc.


  •     Changes to Structure, Location or Permitted Rough-in - Only With A Home Owner or General Contractor Supplied Permit & Inspection.

    Permits and Inspections are the responsibility of the hiring party - For whenever I am subcontracted as replacement for a tradesman, electrician, plumber etc

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